Faith Vessels is pleased that a variety of denominations throughout the United States are using artistic pottery we have custom made for their church worship services. Below you'll find comments and photos they have shared with us.

"The Holy Spirit just reverberates in the breathtaking baptismal font and pitcher that now blesses our worship space. Every time we dip our fingers in the water in the font and trace the sign of the cross on our foreheads we remember the saints gathered around the table today, the saints that have gone before us, and the saints that are yet to come! We thank God for your gifts of creativity and artistry. Thank you, Hue and Marla, for your faithful attention to detail and care throughout the process of ordering, workmanship, and shipping!"

Rev. Barbara Otten
Immanuel Lutheran Church, ELCA
Amboy, IL

"The bowl arrived safe and sound. Thank you. It is beautiful and will be used next Holy Thursday for our Mandatum ceremony in the convent, which is a time when the Superior of the community washes and kisses the feet of each of her sisters. Thank you again!"

Sr. Edith Mary Hart, RSM

Religious Sisters of Mercy

Jackson, MN

St. Martin in the Field Font SetSt. Martin in the Field Episcopal Church in Aurora, Colorado purchased a Good Shepherd stand in natural cherry with the font, pitcher, Ash Wednesday bowl and foot washing bowl in Eggplant/Blue glazes.

"Everything got here in perfect shape. Thank you for both your talent and your calling. You two are quite a team. Again, thank you for the Baptismal Font, the set is beautiful."

Fr. Jim Gilchrist

St. Martin in the Field Episcopal Church

Aurora, CO

King's Way UMC

King's Way United Methodist Church in Springfield, Missouri, purchased an Eternal Waters stand in walnut with our Eggplant/Blue glazed font, pitcher and foot washing bowl. The colors perfectly complement the woods and architectural design of their chapel.

"This Eternal Waters set was a gift from my church for my ordination in 2012. It took my breath away and continually blesses my congregation and me when we share it in special acts of worship. The simple beauty of each vessel reminds us how it is into the ordinary that God breathes to give us the sacred."

Pastor Yvi Martin

Kings Way UMC

Springfield, MO

Blue Ridge Boulevard UMCBlue Ridge Boulevard United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, commissioned us to custom design and create a communion table to match our contemporary Good Shepherd baptismal font stand. Both pieces were completed in natural cherry wood. The church pottery is glazed in Nutmeg/Ivory. We created hand sanitizer pumps for communion services at their request.

"The congregation has been very complimentary about the font and communion sets. Everyone says the woodwork is so beautiful, too. Thanks again! We are so very pleased. We look forward to working with you in the future with the baptism bowls."

Tammy Bartley

Blue Ridge Boulevard UMC

Kansas City, MO

Fox Chapel"The font and stand arrived in perfect condition! I am sending along some photos of our contemporary worship space in our fellowship hall you can see it in its new home. It is just beautiful and everyone loves it!"

Rev. Cathie Smith

Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church

Pittsburgh, PA

Capron Lutheran "Thank you for doing such beautiful work. We are thrilled with having chosen your design and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks be to God for the way you are using your talents to fulfill the Great Commission!"

Rev. Carrie Smith

Capron Lutheran Church, ELCA

Capron, IL

Concordia Lutheran"The foot washing bowl you made was used this past Saturday in our program entitled "Journey To The Cross." There are eight different multi-sensory stops that participants walk through, and this one was the Foot Washing stop. Your bowl worked wonderfully and added a sense of authenticity to the Journey. Thanks again for the work you do!"

Michael Frederick

Concordia Lutheran

Nashville, TN

"We were so excited to receive our Baptismal Font Set from you and quickly opened the packages when they arrived. The beauty of the pottery and craftsmanship of the stand were above our expectations! We can tell each piece is crafted with love and devotion as if doing it unto our Lord. God Bless you and keep up the good work!"

C. Hansen

Seymour Lake UMC

Oxford MI

"The communion set arrived today, and it's wonderful! Thank you so much; we will dedicate them in worship Sunday and use them that day as well. You two are doing a fantastic ministry!"

Rev. Jeff Slater

Trinity UMC

Great Bend, KS