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Buy Pottery Baptimsal Fonts For Church Worship Services. Wheel Thrown From Fine English Porcelain And Hand Glazed. Made In North Carolina, USA.

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Fonts are 15" - 17" in diameter and approximately 5" in depth. It takes skillful handling of the clay to be able to create a piece of these dimensions and then successfully move the font through the firing and glazing processes. 
Purchase your Font in any of our rich, exclusive glaze color combinations:
  • Hickory/Amber
  • Eggplant/Blue
  • Nutmeg/Ivory
  • Red/Amber
  • Watershed Blue/Red

All Faith Vessels pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, and completely lead free.

Because all our worship pottery is wheel thrown and hand glazed, your pieces will vary from those pictured. We will email an image of your finished pottery for your review prior to shipping.

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