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Eternal Waters Baptismal Font Stand Set
Eternal Waters font stand in Walnut with Eggplant/Blue glazed pottery

Eternal Waters Baptismal Font Stand Set

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Buy Contemporary Baptismal Font Stand Sets From Faith Vessels Pottery For Worship! Choose From Unique Stands And Durable Wheel Thrown Porcelain Pottery Made In North Carolina, USA.

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Our most popular stand, the Eternal Waters Baptismal Font Stand Set features a contemporary sweeping design. It includes two shelves for a porcelain pottery pitcher and foot washing bowl, as well as a ring at the top that firmly supports our standard size baptismal font bowl. 

Our Eternal Waters Stand is 32" high, and 22" diameter at the bottom. Choose your wood from natural cherry, red oak, honey oak and walnut. Eternal Waters is sold as a set with two shelves and includes porcelain pottery in your choice of our rich color combination of glazes:

  • Hickory/Amber
  • Eggplant/Blue
  • Nutmeg/Ivory
  • Red/Amber
  • Watershed Blue/Red
All Faith Vessels pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, and completely lead free.

Because all our worship pottery is wheel thrown and hand glazed upon ordering, your pieces will vary from those pictured. We will email an image of your finished pottery for your review prior to shipping.

Note: Effective August 1, 2019, we are suspending production of custom Faith Vessels orders due to Hue's back surgery. Until further notice, we will offer only the pieces we have in stock, found at the "In Stock" link above.

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